With multiplying channels, an increasingly fractured readership and a constantly evolving retail marketplace, book marketing today can feel like trying to run a lemonade stand in a snowstorm.
To Peter McCarthy, founder of McCarthy Digital and former vice president of marketing innovation for Random House, it’s simple.
“Whoever is the best at connecting authors’ works with the end consumers — they win,” he said, speaking at the Digital Book World Marketing + Publishing Services Conference & Expo in New York.
Agile marketing, via Jim Ewel: http://www.agilemarketing.net/what-is-agile-marketing/
Because of the dynamic book marketing landscape, connecting readers with authors today requires a different approach from years ago, according to McCarthy. He suggests publishers take a more agile approach: responding to change rather than following a plan; rapid iterations over “big-bang” campaigns; testing and data over opinions and conventions; numerous small experiments instead of a few large bets; individuals and interactions over target markets; and collaboration that helps departments work together and around hierarchies. All themes for the rest of the conference.
“Agile marketing is not having a big upfront plan — like a list of things that we do in order until we exhausted our budget and then we move on,” said McCarthy. “It’s responding to change along the way.”
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Via: Digital Book World