Removing ‘seminal world literature’ as a compulsory element only serves to promote a nationalistic, ossified vision of EnglandMichael Gove and his education department are at it again. This time they are playing roughshod lord and master over the new GCSE English literature curriculum. It would seem that the bruising battle and inevitable defeat sustained over his changes to the history curriculum did not, sadly, result in combat fatigue. In what can only be described as the policy equivalent of a dawn raid, the coalition government have removed “seminal world literature” as a compulsory element. In doing so, they have given English teachers a short two-month window in which to register their disapproval. It appears, however, that unlike the national outcry over the changes to the history curriculum, in English, protest against the move boils down to words of condemnation rather than a co-ordinated action. The consultation process closes on Tuesday, 20 August.Perhaps we shouldn’t judge too hastily and rather view the excision as a sign of Gove’s burgeoning forward-looking vision of English literature. In this alternative reality, the secretary of state for education is following a progressive argument that has long raged within English teacher circles; it is that by …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books