Baby Beluga.

The DOJ continues to play strange and surprisingly ham-fisted games in the case against Apple, even after the trial’s conclusion. As reported in the Wall Street Journal and GigaOm on Friday, the DOJ has revised their recommendations for the punishment they’d like Apple (and by extension publishers) to face. The DOJ has reduced the requested period during which Apple cannot adopt an agency pricing model, but insists that they change their in-app purchasing allowances for all content—not just e-books—a change that could have huge repercussions for Apple.
In case you couldn’t make it out or could have made it out but were busy being the lamest, here are some photos from last weekends Morley Walk.
In Paris, you can sleep in the room where Oscar Wilde died or stay opposite the Gare de l’Est where Marcel Proust may have passed through to catch a train. No matter how tenuous or documented, It’s a new trend for hotel to play up their literary connections. (The Guardian)
The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library in Ohio is celebrating its 175th anniversary this week with David McCullough appearing as a speaker. While library budgets were cut during the recession in 2009, Toledo recently passed a 5-year tax levy, which will account for nearly half of the library’s operating revenue. …read more

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