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Manga readers rejoice! No longer will you have to rely on sketchy downloads from mysterious trenchcoated boys in fedoras to get your latest Japanese graphic novel fix. No more will you need to depend on a scanlator’s shaky grasp of two languages to get Soul Eater NOT! before some jerk on the internet spoils the latest chapter. Thanks to Square Enix and Yen Press, you’ll now be able to find out at the exact same time as your overseas pen pal just what the hell is going on in Yoshiki Tonogai’s new mystery-thriller, Secret, and other titles.
Publishers Weekly’s Calvin Reid reports that the Hachette Book Group’s graphic novel imprint, Yen Press, has completed a distribution deal with Square Enix and the Tuttle Mori Agency to bring the latest manga chapters to English and Japanese readers at the same time. In an effort to do an end-run around every kid on the internet who downloads scans of fan-translated manga in shady back chat-rooms because “I just want to know what happens,” Yen Press and Square Enix will be releasing the print and digital versions of popular serials in both English and the original Japanese, all on the same day. …read more

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