‘I adored More Than This because it was a painfully human book’Seth Wearing, almost seventeen years old, drowned. He knows he drowned. He felt his shoulder bone crack and the waves smash his skull into the rocks. He proceeds to wake up on the pavement of a road, completely alone, and thinks he’s in an afterlife, thinks he’s in hell. Because the English house he’s woken up in front of is the house his family moved across an ocean and a continent to escape. Because England is the place his mother swore she’d never return to after what happened to Owen, Seth’s younger brother. And because what happened to Owen was Seth’s fault. So the beginning of the book summarized: A boy drowns in a freezing ocean and then wakes up in what he believes to be hell. What happens next? A lot of things happen next.I have read quite a few dystopian novels, definitely not all of the ones out there, but quite a few. And nothing has quite touched me in the same way this has. More Than This is different from most dystopian because it’s extremely, bizarrely and utterly human. When Seth wakes up in the middle …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books