Bernardine Evaristo’s tale of family ties and illicit love fizzes with subversionThis riproaring, full-bodied riff on sex, secrecy and family is Bernardine Evaristo’s seventh book. If you don’t yet know her work, you should – she says things about modern Britain that no one else does.Barrington Jedidiah Walker Esq is a self-educated, sometimes self-deceiving dandy of 74. He is, however, truly in love – not with his wife of 50 years, Carmel, but with his gay lover, Morris Courtney de la Roux. Their first tryst was a lifetime ago when they were both boys in Antigua, and their love affair has swung on through the decades of their adult life in London. Mr Loverman is the story of their switchback ride towards full disclosure.Evaristo’s books have crisscrossed the literary, geographical and historical map. Beginning as the poet of Lara, a fictionalised memoir about life with a Nigerian father and white mother, she has moved from The Emperor’s Babe, a verse novel about a love affair two millennia ago between a young female poet and a Roman emperor, through Soul Tourist, a contemporary road-movie set in Europe, to Blonde Roots, a picaresque dystopia which reimagines slavery with white slaves and black …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books