‘It didn’t spring out of the page for me, something I really value in a book’Last summer was a great mix of sport, fun and…Clare Balding. For some reason, the Olympics became all about her – during the Olympics, an amazing 6866 people tweeted about Clare – the UK loved her energy, her knowledge, her warmth and above all, her professionalism – she was easy to watch, and there was a special spark in her that made the nation go weak at the knees. I too, loved Clare Balding, as a commentator, an educator and she even seemed to be a friend, explaining all about the Olympics. You can guess why I was so excited to read her autobiography. Sadly, I was disappointed.I think the title’s great – it’s a spin on the classic novel, My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell. I’ll start in chronological order – the introduction. After watching Clare on the television commentating on the Olympics, you don’t learn much about her. Personally, I would have liked to see an introduction into exactly who she is, rather than launching straight into her childhood. I found this confusing, and found myself almost getting lost, at times.It …read more

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