Her gift was to write as she spoke. Other writers who claim ‘intimacy’ are light years away compared with NoraI know. Who doesn’t admire Nora Ephron? Pretty much any woman who has drawn breath in the last 60 years is a fan. “Be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” We all love that quote. And we love that she lived it, too. She famously turned the humiliations of her husband’s public adultery into a novel (Heartburn) that sold gazillions, branding him for ever as the man “who would have sex with a Venetian blind” – an act of revenge as legendary as the destruction of Carthage, but with better one-liners.Journalism, plays, screenplays – she did it all and she did it brilliantly. But it was on discovering her essays that my admiration turned to something different, deeper … oh, let’s just call it love. “Everything is copy,” her mother told her, and everything was. I longed to meet her from the moment I read “I Hate My Purse”. After she’d talked me through turtle-neck sweaters, her online Scrabble addiction and her apartment, I felt I already had. Once she’d shared her divorces and thoughts on parenting, we were …read more

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