‘It was a real page turner, keeping me hooked from start to finish’Danny Woo was born in the circus Mysterium, where his parents performed acts of escapology, such as the deadly Water Torture Chamber, where the escapologist is locked into a tank full of water and challenged to escape. However, one night after a failed performance, they both died in a mysterious fire. Now Danny goes to boarding school and lives with his journalist aunt in the holidays. However, when he narrowly escapes being killed by an explosion at his school, before being whisked off to Hong Kong for a ‘holiday’ by his aunt, he knows something’s up. It turns out that she is actually researching a very dangerous Triad gang, known for kidnapping and their involvement in human trafficking. So when she mysteriously vanishes, it seems natural for Danny to suppose she has been kidnapped. Will his circus skills be enough to save her and keep himself out of trouble?This book was just what I love – full of adventure, excitement and mystery! It was a real page turner, keeping me hooked from start to finish. I’m also interested in the circus, so it was great on that front. …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books