After a long night’s count, the six finalists for the glittering Guardian mug have emerged. There’s plenty for us to talk aboutThe votes are in. They’ve been counted too. That took a long time and, let me level with you, a couple of strong drinks. By 1am last night (or should that be 1am this morning?) I was feeling pretty tired, and very emotional. It was a blurry, confusing struggle. But I got there – and you don’t want to hear about me, anyway, do you? You want to know about the results. So here goes. We have a shortlist:Neil Gaiman – The Ocean at the End Of The Lane (50 votes)Kate Atkinson – Life After Life (35 votes)Lucy Cruickshanks – The Trader of Saigon (34 votes)Suzie Tullett – Little White Lies and Butterflies (31 votes)Zoe Venditozzi – Anywhere’s Better Than Here (31 votes)Meike Ziervogel – Magda (30 votes)All your base are belong to Neil, is the conclusion so far. I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t been lobbying either (which explains why he got 50 votes rather than 50m). I’m certain his presence is going to make this year’s competition especially interesting.A few other things are going to make it …read more

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