Launching an all-you-can-eat access model for ebooks is tough as nails. After all the economics for ebook subscription services are pretty sobering.
New York City start-up Oyster launched its take on the “all-you-can-eat” ebook business model this week. It’s team of eight engineers has put together a slick iPhone app with $3 million in funding from some top technology investors and they have spent a year worth of time trying to figure out the best user experience.
Oyster has also secured some decent content. Most of the big-five are missing, but so what — they have some well-known titles from Harper Collins and other leading publishers.
They got two things right:
– They focused more on back-list rather than recent best-sellers which makes the economics much more appealing for publishers
– They chose a price point low enough at $9.99 per month to be taken seriously by consumers (though many have pointed out that this is higher than the $8.99 Netflix charges)
On the downside, it’s iPhone only (a safe choice to check if consumers take to your idea before spending lots of money on building Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Kindle Fire or other versions) and U.S. only (territoriality presumably getting in the way).
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Via: Digital Book World