The days of serialized prose fiction are largely a thing of the past, in our age of binge-viewing and -reading. Comic books still offer the thrill of a cliffhanger every month or so, but it’s hard to think of any novels that are released in bits and pieces, certainly in traditional print format.
A new app called Rooster is bringing the format back, though, for the digital age, Ron Charles reports for the Washington Post. For $4.99 a month, users can get a new bite-sized passage from two different books each day: one classic, one contemporary, paired together “to provoke interesting reflection.” Subscribers can adjust the settings to determine how often they’ll receive updates—in case getting new selections every day will just lead to them piling up—and what time of day they want to get them.
Rooster is available for the iPhone, though as of yet, doesn’t look like it’s compatible with any tablets, which tend to be better and more comfortable for reading. Still, Charles says that “the Rooster app is elegantly designed to make reading easy on the little iPhone screen. Text size, font style and background color are all adjustable. And if you can’t wait for the next day’s installment, …read more

Via: Melville House Books