Librería Donceles
It’s a good time for bookstores in New York, there’s no denying it. Less so if you’re Barnes & Noble, of course, but the number of fantastic, independent, stuffed-to-the-gills-with-good-books-and-smart-people new and used bookstores that have opened and flourished in the past 10 years is pretty astonishing, given the bookstore-imperiling juggernauts of Amazon, e-books, and the recession.
And along with the success and expansion of these places (Word! We’re going to come see you in Jersey City!) has come a quiet boom in the availability of foreign language books. No longer do you have to go to that weird place under the stairs at the Strand to find Madame Bovary in the original, or online.  Because it has long been one of the stranger aspects of the New York bookstore life that a city that has so many speakers of multiple languages had only a few spots to buy books in languages that aren’t English. When the Librairie de France in Rockefeller Center closed in 2009, the most visible outpost of such stores disappeared, though, happily, then Kinokuniya opened up across from Bryant Park a few years later.
However, for Spanish-language readers, the options have been fairly limited since the closing of …read more

Via: Melville House Books