The movie that most embarrasses Julianne Moore is back to haunt her on TV this weekend. Revel in its silliness• Julianne Moore calls Next her worst film• Nicolas Cage: ‘People think I’m not in on the joke’• More film on TV recaps SPOILER ALERT: This blog is published ahead of the screening on Channel 5 on Sunday at 10pm. Do not read if you have not seen the film and don’t want to know anything about it.”I’ve seen every possible ending. None of them are good for you” – Cris JohnsonNext was one of the first indications that Nicolas Cage’s quality control had gone haywire. Looking back, it’s easy to see it as one of the gateway films leading him from borderline respectability into a world of boggle-eyed lunacy. But it also marks the precise moment that Hollywood fell out of love with Philip K Dick, too. The wheels had been loosening since Paycheck and A Scanner Darkly undid the good work of Blade Runner and Minority Report, but by the time The Golden Man (a post-apocalyptic short story about mutants) had transformed into Next (a vehicle for Cage to mimsy around in a log cabin), they had fallen off …read more

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