Night Film is Marisha Pessl’s new novel about the death of legendary and reclusive film director Stanislas Cordova. The story plays with the reader’s concept of fact and fiction and this is reflected in the book itself which blurs the boundaries between the physical and digital.
Night Film is peppered with visual imagery – web pages, emails, text messages and photos – that are integral to the plot and readers are invited to delve deeper into the murky world of the story via the free Night Film Decoder app which unlocks further images, along with audio extracts and a short story.
We caught up with Marisha on the making of Night Film and the changes that have taken place in publishing since her last novel.

Marisha, it’s been a couple of years since you last published a novel, were you struck by how much the publishing landscape had changed?
Absolutely. My favourite thing about being an author is telling a story and that hasn’t changed. When my first novel was published, the book world was much simpler. In those days marketing was much simpler, social media was a MySpace page for the main character with an accompanying playlist and that was it. At the …read more

Via: The Literary Platform