Forget Porterhouse Blue and Lucky Jim, more recent novels on academia have taken a darker turn, says Jonathan WolffI must say that since starting to go to conferences on medical themes, the quality of the junk mail in my inbox has improved dramatically. Earlier today I was offered a discount on transgenic mice. If I order one line I get a 30% discount, but if I order five lines or more there’s a whopping 50% reduction. Not long ago, I was offered rabbits pumped full of monoclonal antibodies. I wonder if the company takes PayPal?I look forward to the day when government agents try to construct a profile for me by going through my email records. Alongside the peptide pedlars, I receive regular invitations from online casino sites telling me that my bonus is ready and waiting – a legacy of doing some research on problem gambling more than a decade ago. And my internet searches are littered with attempts to find out the price and effects of ketamine and khat, also for academic research purposes, your honour. Should I be worried that my real life is so much less interesting than my internet trail suggests? Having said that, a …read more

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