‘the gripping characters and shocking story line make this a truly unforgettable plot’This book was a haunting adventure that really makes you think yet want to read on.Kaspar is a guardian fighting for his people determined to do the right thing. He thinks that fighting as a guardian and defeating the rebels is the right thing to do, the only thing to do. Yet deep down he wonders what happened to his mother and why all the rebels are only shot with sleeping targets and all shipped off to the infirmary when they have killed so many innocent people. One day when he and his friend Dillon are on patrol they see something very strange on the radar and – because before their leader Voss lectured them on false calls – they go investigating by themselves. However, things go tragically wrong and their transportation gets shot down by an enemy patrol. Kaspar falls unconscious with shock and when he wakes up he gets the surprise of his life: an enemy rebel is tending to his wounds and has pressed the help button on his communicator so his fellow guardians were on the way. As relief flooded through his aching bones …read more

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