If you’re an author in Germany, France, Spain and several other European countries and want to self-publish an ebook to the Nook ebook store, now you can. Nook Press, the company’s self-publishing platform, has been launched in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium.It’s a smart move for Barnes & Noble and I’ll explain why.With mounting losses and declining revenues, things look bleak for B&N’s Nook digital media unit, but that doesn’t mean the executives and employees there have stopped trying to build the business. Publishing observers have long lamented the precipitous decline of Nook. While still a going concern, Nook has been losing money since its inception and has gotten smaller on a revenue basis quarter-to-quarter for over a year.In its most recent fiscal quarter, for instance, Nook saw its revenue decline to $157 million during the all-important holiday period, down 50% from the previous year. (That said, losses narrowed, to $62 million, down from $191 million; the new management of the company has been focused on cost-cutting.)I think that these losses can be tied almost directly to the death of agency pricing in the U.S. among the largest publishers. Why? When publishers were on agency pricing, Barnes & …read more

Via: Digital Book World