Love and hope are set against pain and frustration in The Distance Between Us, a still film collating Christopher Capozziello’s studies of his twin’s struggle with disability.• In pictures: Christopher Capozziello photographs of Nick”I’d like you to meet my brother. I’ve been drawn to photographing him as long as I have been making pictures. The time I spend with him, looking though my camera, has forced me to ask questions about suffering and faith and why anyone is born with disease.” So begins Christopher Capozziello’s short stills film about his twin brother, Nick, who has cerebral palsy. Titled The Distance Between Us, the film is the photographer’s attempt “to deal with the reality of having a twin brother who struggles through life in ways that I do not”. It is also a search for answers: “I want explanations as to why some suffer and others do not …”It’s a tall order for a photography project, not least because there are no definitive answers to that question. But perhaps due to this, The Distance Between Us – which Capozziello hopes to publish soon in book form – is a powerful visual testimony about family, friendship and struggle. Shot in black and …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books