The Belle and Sebastian frontman on PG Wodehouse, early REM – and why he loves Thought for the DayStuart Murdoch is a founding member of the critically acclaimed indie band Belle and Sebastian. Formed in Glasgow in 1996, the group took their name from Belle et Sébastien, a 1965 children’s book by the French writer Cécile Aubry. They have released eight albums to date and Murdoch has written a memoir, The Celestial Café, and is finishing a film called God Help the Girl. On 27 August Belle and Sebastian release The Third Eye Centre, a compilation of B-sides and rarities covering the past decade.BookCarry On, Jeeves by PG WodehouseObviously I love Wodehouse. As funny, laugh-out-loud writers go, he really has no rival. I picked this book because it is the first Jeeves and Wooster book and I love the start of things. I love the way that Jeeves shimmies into Wooster’s life and then suddenly everything becomes all right. You get the sense right there that this is the beginning of a great bond, a great friendship. That calms me; I feel that Jeeves has shimmied into my life too and now just like Bertie everything will be alright for …read more

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