Matthew Zadrozny is a hero to thousands. And not only because he looks good wearing a oilskin duster coat and eating chicken from a camping saucepan in front of the main branch of the New York Public Library.
Zadrozny is a hero because, when he was interviewed by Brandon Stanton for Stanton’s immensely popular Humans of New York blog earlier this week, he asked for a favor in return. Here’s the exchange as it happened:

The internet blew up (a little): Zadrozny had perfected the elevator pitch against the Central Library Plan. He had combined passion, information, and condemnation… and then, he’d demanded to make sure he was being quoted correctly, like a real New Yorker. Or, possibly, just a person aware of how wide Humans of New York’s reach is—it has, for instance, about three and half a million followers on Facebook, compared to the New York Times’ 5.6 million.
And it got results: when the Committee to Save NYPL posted Zadrozny’s interview on their website,, it spurred so many people to send an email to Mayor de Blasio (who’d come out against the plan during his mayoral campaign but hasn’t commented on it lately) that it crashed the site. …read more

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