Continuing our daily series that looks ahead to the key movies of the 2014 awards season. Next up: Ridley Scott’s star-packed The CounselorReading on mobile? Watch the trailer for The CounselorThis year’s …Carlito’s Way, perhaps, in that it features a mainstream-but-arty actor (Michael Fassbender) playing a lawyer drawn deeper and deeper into the drugs trade, just as Sean Penn was when playing Al Pacino’s attorney.What’s it all about?A $20m drugs deal, in which the titular lawyer finds himself embroiled. Needless to say, the deal does not proceed smoothly with a safe and prompt delivery of the consignment to a satisfied customer. The drugs are stolen, a courier is beheaded, and Cameron Diaz – for the benefit of those who think there may be a happy ending – explains: “The slaughter to come – it’s probably beyond our imagining.” And who is being blamed for the whole mess? You guessed it.How did it happen?The Counselor was a spec script written by the novelist Cormac McCarthy, which he sold in January 2012 to the producers who shephered his novel The Road to the screen in 2009. Ridley Scott was on board as director within the month, and Hollywood’s A-list duked it out …read more

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