Pubsoft has launched a new suite of tools that publishers can use to launch an ebook store, complete with author profile pages and search engine optimization help.
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Pubsoft’s Digital Publishing Engine Delivers Game-Changing Solutions for the Next Generation of Great Publishers
Company Launches Blog to Provide Digital Publishing Insights, Revenue-Generating Tips
Sales of ebook titles are on the rise: Publishers Weekly reports a 44% increase in 2012. Publishers and authors have tested new ways to create, market and distribute ebooks since the digital delivery model began gaining traction, and the industry has evolved considerably in just a few years. But until now, the sector lacked a platform that allows the key players in a literary relationship – publishers, authors and readers – to interact seamlessly. Pubsoft, makers of cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) publishing solutions for the next generation of publishers, aims to change that with their comprehensive digital publishing engine. The company has also launched a new blog that helps publishers navigate industry trends and find success in the digital age.
Pubsoft’s unique digital publishing engine is a game-changer in the publishing sector. With Pubsoft, publishers can quickly and easily create and manage a custom ebook store to enable direct-to-consumer ebook sales, including branded …read more

Via: Digital Book World