Feel like getting rid of that clunky old iPad and trading it in for a shiny new textbook? If you’re like millions of other college students, the obvious answer is “yes!”
You’re in luck. ValoreBooks, an online textbook retail and rental portal, has launched a program where college students can sell their old iPhone or iPad to earn “SmarterBucks” to help pay for student loans.
Tongue-in-cheek treatment aside, the marketing program is admirable, in a way, but it may not show an understanding of the youth market. According to the latest data from Pew, more than half of Americans now own smartphones and more than a third own tablets — and college age kids are among the heaviest adopters.
At the same time, the idea isn’t without merit. Annual data measuring e-textbook adoption among college students show that they just aren’t taking to the new products yet. Less than 10% of students are using e-textbooks as primary course materials at this point.
Read more in the company’s release below.
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ValoreBooks Offers Customers The Chance To Earn Student Loan Payments By Selling Back Their Used iPhone
ValoreBooks, the leading online textbook marketplace, is offering a unique spin on the traditional electronics buyback model as part of …read more

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