Earlier this week, we reported that prisoners in the UK are no longer allowed to receive books in the mail (nor underwear, birthday cards, and so on). The policy doesn’t seem like an accidental ban. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling tightened up prison policies in action last November, and he’s sticking to that.
Dubbing prisons “holiday camps,” he said new policies would make time in jail less like a vacation. “For too long the public has seen prisoners spending their days languishing in their cells watching TV, using illegal mobile phones to taunt their victims on Facebook or boasting about their supposedly easy life in prisons. This is not right and it cannot continue.”
Reading transports you, and that’s too much like an actual plane trip to a tropical destination, or a hot car trip connecting with your family. The family you need to bond with just in case you are ever in prison, because prison uniforms don’t include underwear (at least for women) and you’re totally dependent on packages from the outside to provide you with fresh skivvies. And books. You are also really, really going to need reading material.
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Via: Melville House Books