The theme of this weeks roundup is conflict – personal and political – although there’s still space for a paper boy and a magic platform!To start off this week’s roundup, ChristopherW wrote a superb review of the side-splittingly funny novel The World of Norm: May Require Batteries by Jonathan Meres. In this diary-style book Norm wants an ipad and gets a job as a paper boy to help pay for one. Although, as ChristopherW commented, ‘of course things never go right for poor old Norm’…’I thought this was a good book because it was very funny and had a great storyline. My favourite character was Norm because he was very funny, especially when bad things keep happening to him! In the story there’s a girl called Chelsea who’s really annoying, she just won’t leave Norm alone! I felt sorry for him whenever Chelsea was around! … It says on the back of the book that it’s for age 9+, but it was quite easy and quick to read, so I think younger readers would also enjoy it.’Meanwhile, moving onto the theme of inner conflict, OrliTheBookworm wrote an outstanding review of Invisible Girl by Kate Maryon. This emotive novel details the …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books