The votes have been tallied. Now read an excerpt from the winner of our readers’ choice award for best book of the summerThe readers have spoken. The runaway winner of our summer reads readers’ choice award is Run, Brother, Run: A Memoir of a Murder in My Family by David Berg with almost half (49%) the votes. As promised we are publishing an extract below. An honorable mention goes to our runner-up, The Good Life Lab by Wendy Tremayne, which got a solid 31%. We hope you have enjoyed reading our selection of newly published book this summer. We will back towards the end of the year with a new batch of Winter Reads. Until then, read on …Run, Brother Run: A Memoir of Murder in My FamilyA month later, Alan disappeared.Harriet called me at four in the morning.”David, Alan’s not home yet. Do you know where he is?””Oh, shit, Harriet. I don’t have any idea. I haven’t heard from him. Have you?””He said he’d made a sale and was meeting Fergis for a drink at the Brass Jug. I was hoping you’d know where he was.””I don’t.””Oh, God, David, he has never done anything like this. I’m really worried.””Have …read more

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