One valuable tool for ebook developers is Kindle Previewer (KP), a free utility Amazon provides that allows us to proof ebooks for the Kindle platform. Amazon recently released an update for the utility (version 2.91) and I’ve been able to do some light testing to find differences between the versions. When it came to accented content — namely, sidebars — I immediately discerned a difference in how an ebook rendered in Kindle for iPad, which I hope to illustrate in this post.
The previous version of KP rendered Kindle/Mobi files very poorly for Apple iOS devices (iPad and iPhone). For many of our titles, we include fallback CSS for ebooks rendered in Mobi7 — that is, when they’re read on “old-school” Kindles such as the DX and devices pre-Kindle Touch. However, for whatever reason, the same ebook would preserve such treatment on an iOS device — even though logistically, it should have interpreted more advanced aspects of the code, as KF8 does.
An example of this can be seen in this proof copy of Knock ‘em Dead 2014 (which you can preorder on Amazon).
Here is a Mobi file generated in KP v2.9 (click to enlarge this and all following screenshots):

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Via: Digital Book World