More children who ready ebooks are doing it on a Kindle Fire than an iPad, a role-reversal for the competing devices over the past year.
According to a new report from PlayCollective and Digital Book World, 27% of children who read digitally do so primarily on a Kindle Fire versus 20% who do so on an iPad. That’s flipped from about eight months ago, when a similar report showed that 22% of e-reading children read on an iPad versus 20% for the Kindle Fire.
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This shift comes amid increasing adoption of tablets among e-reading children, according to the report. Some 84% of e-reading children now have access to tablets, up from 72% in January, which pegged the proportion of children who are reading digitally at 54%.
Other findings from the report:
– Parents will pay a premium for educational digital content
– When parents are looking for educational ebooks to buy their kids, they are most likely to search by age group and then subject area
– When it comes to reading in the classroom, laptops and desktop computers are still the most popular form factor with 22% of in-classroom …read more

Via: Digital Book World