It’s too damn hot. (Prometheus bringing the gift of fire to humankind. Image from Wikipedia.)
Taylor & Francis, a major academic publisher, is facing controversy over their censorship of a series of papers on academic publishing that appeared in the journal Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation. A June 5 article by Paul Jump on the Times Higher Education site details the story. It is not a pretty story.
It began with a “proposition” paper by four academics from the University of Leicester’s School of Management, David Harvie, Geoff Lightfoot, Simon Lilley, and Kenneth Weir. The paper, “Publisher, be damned! From price gouging to the open road,” analyzed the current state of academic publishing, with an understandably critical eye. This paper was due to appear in the September issue of Prometheus, along with responses. Prometheus is published by Taylor & Francis, and in its self-description on Taylor & Francis’s website, it states that “Prometheus publishes critical papers, those that express—and justify—opinions on innovation issues. We are particularly attracted to papers that challenge prevailing views. We encourage debate.”
But the journal’s editor, Stuart Macdonald, discovered earlier this year that there are certain debates Taylor & Francis just does not want to have. First, the issue was delayed without any …read more

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