Former weatherman Bill Giles and his former boss have written a book revealing betrayal and intrigue behind the scenes. Here are some excerptsLike football, the weather – and discussion of it – is something of a national, but thoroughly unexciting, sport. And in a way, that is how we think of the people who deliver the forecasts. Until now. Former BBC weatherman Bill Giles is writing a book, You Have Wives?, with former editor of BBC Weather John Teather, which reveals the hitherto unseen rivalries that went on behind the map. Backstabbing, betrayal and intrigue feature heavily, and it sometimes reads like a Jackie Collins novel. Here a are a few choice excerpts from an early draft:• “To broadcast the weather needs a huge ego. You have to believe in yourself and have no doubt you are the best in the world. It was always a quality I encouraged and indeed sought in people I auditioned. So put together all those egos and you are bound to get a collection of people who really did believe they could walk on water.” John Teather• “Michael Fish never did like me ever since I appeared on television a year after him, got …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books