From superhero movies to techy sitcoms to captains of industry, geeks have been running the show for years. But now that ‘geek chic’ is in the dictionary, and Topshop is selling ‘dork’ T-shirts, what is the future for nerd culture?• The top 10 geeks, from Umberto Eco to Mary BerryCheer up, Britain – the clever people have won at last. Just look around you. If you went to a music festival, visited the beach or left the house this summer you’ll have seen incontrovertible evidence on T-shirts. They were everywhere, declaring the wearer to be a GEEK, NERD or DORK in that big fat confident slab-serif typeface that usually says you’re talking to someone who proudly attends PENN or NYU. Topshop brought out the three designs last Christmas, contestant Jordan Lee Davies wore the Geek shirt on The Voice in April, and they they were bootlegged quicker than you can say “gaga artpop torrentz”. By spring they were unavoidable, seen on the chests of schoolkids, Ibiza ravers and TOWIE nitwits alike, worn by everyone apart from, well … geeks, nerds and dorks.Because what self-respecting comics fan, mathlete, Whovian, physics wonk, gamer, twee indie kid, alphabetiser of Criterion Collection DVDs or …read more

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