Death throes of Celtic Tiger provide backdrop to sequel The Guts, which revisits much-loved characters”You were wondering if money was going to continue to exist. Really, the collapse of society seemed just over the horizon for a time. The politicians looked as if they were drunk or hungover, and they might have been. And they disappeared from public view. It was like the country had no government.”This, in all its strangeness and extremity, was Ireland in the wake of its financial collapse, as recalled by Roddy Doyle, and for the novelist it became a plangent backdrop against which to set a story. In the aftermath of the bank bailouts, amid the death throes of the Celtic Tiger, the author of the Booker-winning Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha found himself drawn back after 26 years to the characters of perhaps his best-loved novel, The Commitments. The result is a sequel, The Guts, and its author’s public appearance on Saturday is one of the most keenly anticipated events of the opening weekend of the Edinburgh international book festival.”I wondered what the Rabbitte family would be doing,” he says – referring to Jimmy Rabbitte, the central character of The Commitments, an ebullient account …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books