‘A very well-known person once said he threw my book out of a taxi window’When did you first start writing fiction?In my 20s. I started by writing short stories, but they weren’t very good; I tried them on various magazines, and none of them was published. People were nicer then about turning you down, and so I didn’t lose heart – I kept on writing, and wrote a lot of books, one or two of which I finished, and others I didn’t.Why were you so drawn to crime fiction?I wasn’t: I just started writing my first published novel, From Doon with Death, as an experiment, to see if I could write a detective story. Then the publisher John Long gave me an advance of £75 for it; and the following year, an American publisher came over, liked it, and offered me 15 times that.There’s been some discussion recently about the unsavoury aspects of thrillers, especially on TV, that so often feature women as victims (1). What’s your stance on that?It’s just more statistically likely that women, being more vulnerable, would be victims. Violence is very much with us, and we like to see it: I doubt if you can change …read more

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