This documentary portrait of the reclusive Catcher in the Rye author manages to come up with some interesting new tidbits, but doesn’t radically change our view of the author• Five new Salinger books on the way• Read Tom Shone on summer blockbusters”If there’s one thing I hate, it’s the movies,” declared Holden Caulfield. Not so his creator who nursed youthful dreams of being an actor and liked nothing better, later in life, than to curl up in front of John Huston’s The Maltese Falcon, Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps, or his personal favorite Frank Capra’s Lost Horizon, in which Ronald Colman crash-lands in the Himalayas and stumbles across the secret of eternal youth. The perfect Salinger combination: enlightenment plus milkshake. That the famously retiring author was engaged in a lifelong pursuit of the same, whether in his work or with women, is the contention of a new documentary, produced by Harvey Weinstein, and directed by Shane Salerno, the screenwriter who gave us Michael Bay’s Armageddon, Oliver Stone’s Savages, and other such sylphine tributes to innocence lost. You don’t know what would offend Salinger more: the invasion of his privacy, or the fact that he was so intruded upon by the …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books