Speaking at Edinburgh international book festival, author gives insight into years he was forced to live under police protectionNine years living in hiding after a fatwa was issued against him may not sound like a particularly merry experience, but Sir Salman Rushdie has said his period in police protection felt at times like “a comedy routine”.On leaving a dinner at the London home of fellow novelist Hanif Kureishi, he recalled that “one of the police officers left his gun behind. And for Hanif of course this was like a transcendent moment of joy. He ran out into the street, holding the gun by the barrel, shouting, ‘Here, you forgot your shooter!'”On another occasion, Rushdie said, a trip to rural Ayrshire led to strife between the English and the Scottish special branch about who should take charge, resolved by officers from both squads turning up.”We were in this rural cottage in remote Ayrshire and there was this arsenal of armoured Jaguars parked outside. The hard thing was not concealing me, it was concealing them … there was this police convention going on.”The author was speaking about his third-person-narrated memoir, Joseph Anton (his pseudonym under the fatwa, after the first names of …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books