When Edd Joseph of Bristol discovered he’d been scammed by a guy who sold him a PS3 console online and never delivered, he turned to literature. Not for solace, though — as ammunition.
Joseph was casting around for ways to get back at his scammer, and he finally hit on one that costs him nothing, is extremely annoying, and perhaps best of all, weaponizes Shakespeare (which is as good as, but different from, weaponizing cats — that we’ve covered here): he copied and pasted the Bard’s complete works off the internet and texted them to the seller. Because they can only be delivered in 160 character chunks, that means the seller’s been receiving an almost non-stop series of texts since last Thursday, when Joseph started his barrage.
Joseph has an unlimited messaging plan (though never has an unlimited messaging plan probably been tested as this guy’s testing it) and for each play, all he has to do it is copy the full script, hit “send,” and his phone service divides it into individual messages. The Bristol Post estimates that the “37 works of Shakespeare will buzz through in 29,305 individual texts.” Joseph is apparently also deliberately scheduling the texts for the middle …read more

Via: Melville House Books