‘This book had me laughing with every page, it dealt with such a serious issue in the wittiest yet true way and it was unique’Sean Griswold’s Head is so much more than a school romance, although the heart and arrow on the pink cover might suggest otherwise…The story is about Payton, probably the most lovable character I’ve ever seen on page: an order obsessive, hilarious fifteen year old with quite the crazy life. After finding out her father has MS and her parents and brothers had been keeping it from her for six months, Payton goes into stubborn, hurt isolation.Her parents begin to worry about the extent of this silent treatment, and they send Payton to guidance councillor sessions with Ms Callahan, a hysterical, cat-loving and fashion-backward teacher. Ms Callahan tells Payton she needs a Focus Object, something to focus on so that she can deal with small unimportant things first so that dealing with her dad’s illness is made easier. One problem, Payton’s focus object is Sean Griswold’s Head, and when you’re focusing on a person who happens to start looking amazing, things take an unexpected turn.Can Payton ever fix together her broken family? And will she be able …read more

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