Named in 2012, Norwich is the first and only city in England to have the UNESCO honor. Iowa City is the only American city on the list.
Seattle’s got the Space Needle. Frasier. The reigning Super Bowl champions. Macklemore. And one of the very best literary scenes in the country. Stores like The Elliott Bay Book Company and University Book Store, local luminaries like Nancy Pearl, and event organizers like Town Hall insure that the best and brightest literary talent are always making their way through the city. But is it a world-class literary scene? Some locals think so, and have organized a campaign to have Seattle named a UNESCO City of Literature.
The UNESCO criteria would seem to make Seattle a natural choice:

Quality, quantity and diversity of editorial initiatives and publishing houses;
Quality and quantity of educational programmes focusing on domestic or foreign literature in primary and secondary schools as well as universities;
Urban environment in which literature, drama and/or poetry play an integral role;
Experience in hosting literary events and festivals aiming at promoting domestic and foreign literature;
Libraries, bookstores and public or private cultural centres dedicated to the preservation, promotion and dissemination of domestic and foreign literature;
Active effort by the publishing sector to translate literary works from …read more

Via: Melville House Books