‘This book is about some twins who stay with their Granny and discover that she is actually a secret Ninja’This book is about some twins called Josh and Jessica who fly from England to Japan to stay with their Granny in Tokyo for the summer, and discover that she is actually a secret Ninja who fights baddies. On the aeroplane they meet a pop star called Kiki who becomes their friend. When Kiki is kidnapped by some wicked thugs in Tokyo, they decide to help rescue her. The first time Jessica and Josh see the thugs, called the Yoshida Gang, is in the airport. Later on they bump into them in the street, but just as they are about to beat Jessica and Josh up, their Granny appears, dressed as a secret Ninja instead of her usual kimono, and fights them off. Jessica and Josh find a piece of paper in one of the thug’s pockets saying “WAX MUSEUM”. They decide to go in search of Kiki, together with Granny and her Team-O. Just as the wax museum closes, they hide inside it, so they can look for Kiki. They find her disguised as a waxwork, tied up so she …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books