At the beginning of 2013, ebook adoption among U.S. adults was thought to be about 25% — that is, about a quarter of adult Americans have read an ebook in the past year. If you think that’s amazing, listen to this: As of January 2013, 54% of U.S. kids aged two-to-13 were reading ebooks.
At the same time, K-12 schools around the U.S. are scrambling to go digital. Many are buying devices en masse. Companies like Amplify and Copia are actively courting school districts to help them convert their paper and pencil classrooms into swipe and tap learning labs.
Kids are reading both digital classroom materials and educational digital content in schools. According to a new study from PlayCollective, a firm that tracks digital habits in children, and Digital Book World:
– Parents will pay a premium for educational digital content
– The most popular form factor for in-classroom reading is still laptops and desktops
– When parents are looking for educational content to buy for their kids, they are most likely to search by age and then by subject area
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Via: Digital Book World