Over the past year, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization that controls the use of domain names on the web, has been in the process of making decisions about a vast number of newly proposed possible endings for internet addresses. Here on MobyLives we’ve covered Amazon’s attempt to squirrel away .book and .amazon for itself, as well as the debates over potentially contentious domain names like .shiksa.
But if it’s up to Senator Jay Rockefeller from West Virginia, then nobody’s going to get to use .sucks. Senator Rockefeller has launched a campaign against the .sucks domain name, which has been proposed to but not yet approved by ICANN. Rockefeller argued in a recent letter to ICANN that it is “little more than a predatory shakedown scheme,” which will force companies and organizations to pay large sums to keep a .sucks site shaming them off the web.
So far, almost no one agrees with him, but many journalists are visibly enjoying using “sucks” in their coverage of the case. Tim Cushing at TechDirt lambasts the idea from several angles, including, persuasively, the argument that:
every new gTLD can be viewed as a “shakedown scheme.” Businesses rush to secure (or to block off) new TLDs …read more

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