This month will be spent in the company of a modern masterpiece about the final day on Earth of a disgraced diplomatA slight change this month in the Reading group. Instead of following our usual formula – taking nominations and pulling them from a hat – I thought it might be interesting to look at the book that has been nominated most often – and most fervently – over the past two years, but somehow always slipped through when I’m pulling out the names: Malcolm Lowry’s Under The Volcano.I haven’t read the book yet, so can’t say much at this stage. Except that this novel’s reputation as a modernist masterpiece precedes it. I’m expecting something very special, something with more than enough intrigue and ambition to keep us going for the next 30 days. And also something that will pose an agreeably stiff challenge. Even the author recommended reading the book more than once for it to explode properly in the mind…But help is at hand. Once you get stuck in, there’s this wonderful website containing all the annotations on the book you could ever wish for. And more.Before then, have a read of these two fine introductions on the …read more

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