‘I was either giggling ‘Yes, this is good, this is very good’ or screaming at Alina to run for her life. It’s just unfortunate I was on an airplane’In the country of Ravka, a land plagued by a wall of darkness cutting it off from vital ports and cities and wrought with war from neighboring countries, magicians called the Grisha defend their homeland using water, fire, air, steel and glass… Or do they actually have the country’s best interest at heart? Alina has never been anyone special. She’s an orphan who grew up with one best friend, Mal, who’s the best tracker in the army. She’s a child who failed the test which would prove her to be a Grisha, dooming her to a commoner’s life. She’s a map-maker not a soldier, and she’s certainly not a Grisha. Definitely not a Grisha who has a rare and unique power which people would kill to harness. And she’s absolutely not Ravka’s last hope against the ever encroaching darkness which is killing more citizens everyday. Except she is. Alina suddenly finds she has a astonishing power she never knew was possible, and saves Mal at the last moment before he’s killed by …read more

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