Fresh analysis reveals bard’s ‘fingerprints all over’ lines added to The Spanish TragedyAll but conclusive evidence that Shakespeare wrote 325 anomalous lines of The Spanish Tragedy by Thomas Kyd has been revealed by an American scholar. In new research, University of Texas professor Douglas Bruster analysed a sample of the playwright’s famously scrappy handwriting to identify very strong similarities between it and the hand that wrote the play’s so-called Additional Passages.There has been much-disputed speculation in the past that Shakespeare was their author but “I think we can say with some authority that, yes, this is Shakespeare,” Professor Eric Rasmussen, an editor of the Royal Shakespeare Company Shakespeare told the New York Times. “It has his fingerprints all over it.”Using a sample of Shakespeare’s handwriting owned by the British Library, Bruster identified a series of irregularities including patterns of spelling – blest instead of blessed, for example – and other idiosyncrasies, and demonstrated that they are echoed in the 325 lines of the Additional Passages.In his short paper to be published in the September edition of Notes and Queries, he also argues that a particularly clumsy line, which has aways been rejected by Shakespeare scholars on the grounds that it’s …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books