According to industry consultant and DBW partner Mike Shatzkin, even the largest publishers make big mistakes in digital marketing. Here are three he pointed out in his recent Shatzkin Files post:1. Creating metadata for back-list titles within imprints and not systematizing it. This is what many publishers with large back-lists do and they get uneven results that cost them money to implement and eventually fix and sales over the long term.2. Investing too much time studying the text of a book for clues on how to market it. According to Shatzkin, what’s more important to devote time and resource to is studying the market and the people who the book might appeal to — they are the ones who need to have the book marketed to them.3. Abandoning paid online advertising because it didn’t work in the past. Shatzkin contends that most publishers don’t know how to target their online ad spend sufficiently well to get the most out of it. Further:“Digital media is cheap to buy but expensive to manage.”Read more. …read more

Via: Digital Book World