The play’s the thing?
Earlier this week, Amnesty International criticized The Globe Theatre for planning to take its production of Hamlet to North Korea. Amnesty called for The Globe to read up on the country’s human rights abuses before deciding for sure to visit the country with the production. In a statement Amnesty said,
“No tragic play could come close to the misery that the 100,000 people trapped in the country’s prison camps endure – where torture, rape, starvation and execution are everyday occurrences…There’s a dark irony in the fact that Hamlet focuses on a prince wrestling with his conscience. Kim Jong-Un is no Hamlet. Sadly he shows no sign of wrestling with his conscience.”
The Globe has responded, noting that it intends to take the play to every country in the next two years to celebrate the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, so it is not singling out North Korea to be provocative. But surely the move can’t help but provoke comment: Hamlet will be performed in one of the world’s most frightening dictatorships, where a young leader had his uncle killed, a man who had been one of the most powerful men in the state.
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