‘Silver was truly scary! It’s one of the best modern dystopian novels I have read’Adam and Paul go to a school in a remote area of a country, 3 hours from the nearest town. They are both troublesome characters who love getting into fights. Then one day a kid called Mark finds a new type of beetle, with a lovely shiny, silvery shell. He takes it to the Geography teacher, who organises a hunt of the school grounds for what might be a possible new species. Hundreds are found before someone gets bitten – first a kid, then the Headmaster. Quickly they become infected by a strange new virus that the nurse is at odds to cure. Quarantined, their flesh turns to silver circuits and their mind is slowly taken over by the virus. Then they are just a machine.As the hunt is called off, more and more infected are discovered. Sheep, rabbits, mice and dogs all become machines, targeting the pupils of the school to infect them too. Gradually the sane pupil numbers diminish until only a few remain. With no sign of help, will they be able to survive and work together in this strange new world?Silver was …read more

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