“We need to shift the dialogue from ‘will publishing survive,’ to how we are taking our industry forward, seizing unprecedented opportunities for transforming the very nature of the book, for disseminating information, and for distributing content,” said Simon & Schuster CEO and outgoing Association of American Publishers chairman Carolyn Reidy, speaking at the AAP’s annual meeting in New York.Her speech opened the meeting and ended with a rousing call to action among publishers to change the conversation around the book publishing industry. Reidy implored publishers to be vocal about the value they add to the “marketplace of ideas.”“We must also give life to a new type of discussion about publishing. What we do; the value we add; our role in perpetuating the marketplace of ideas; our investment in content, in enabling authors to create great works; our roles in helping students learn, and assisting professionals to improve their job performance; in providing first class entertainment and information to the general reader; in extending the reach of American ideas and culture throughout the world, and of course our innovation and work with our technology partners,” she said.Over the past several years, publishers have been on a charm campaign among readers, authors and …read more

Via: Digital Book World