It’s been long known in the book publishing industry that publishers are a lot like venture capitalists. They have a pool of money that they use to invest in buying and developing content and then attempt to distribute and sell that content, hopefully at a profit overall.Like venture capitalists, publishers try to make their pool of money go as far as possible. They need to be selective and quick. They need to make long term plans while laser-focused on the present.As the business of publishing evolves, there are more cues publishers can take from the venture capital world.Here are six lessons for publishers from venture capitalists. To get all the ebook and digital publishing news you need every day in your inbox at 8:00 AM, sign up for the DBW Daily today!The rest of the day’s top news:Readfy: Free, Advertiser-Supported “Spotify for Ebooks” (DBW) The latest “Spotify for Ebooks” comes from Germany, where it has raised nearly €500,000 ($686,650) through a crowdfunding platform to get started. Readfy already has 3,500 beta testers and 15,000 titles. The price for readers is free. The venture is advertising-supported.Revenue Declines Continue at Harlequin (DBW) For years, the rise of ebooks and the threat of self-publishing …read more

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